Organizing a Hierarchy

With more advanced lead routing setups, leads may be funnelling through one parent company, which are then filtered down to multiple sales teams, partner or child companies, which are then offered to agents. This set up provides the opportunity to maintain team-specific reporting as well as provides managers the opportunity to manage their own teams within the system without impacting general routing or other sales teams.

To create a Hierarchy, the administrator would create the parent company Lead Assign account. This account would be designated as the top of the structure with all leads flowing through this company initially. The users on this parent company account would be partner companies or sales teams. The administrator will need to create accounts for each of these child companies prior to adding them as users.

The administrator will use the child company’s email end point (found in the Integrations tab of the child company’s account) as their email address. Next, go to General Settings of the parent company when all the child companies’ accounts are created. In Advanced Settings, check the box next to “Disable Multiple Agent Queuing”.