Shark Tank

The Shark Tank functionality is initiated after a lead as been routed, but not accepted by any agent as per normal business lead routing rules of the account.

When the lead is in Shark Tank, it is considered up for grabs by all the agents the lead was originally offered to. The Shark Tank lead status will not result in notifying additional agents. Once a lead is in Shark Tank and the functionality is enabled, a reminder email will be sent to those agents that timed-out on the lead.

At this point in time, any of these original agents, who received the reminder email, has the capability to accept the lead. Agents who declined the original offer of the lead will not receive reminder emails, and will not be notified of the Shark Tank status.

The Shark Tank functionality is offered for a pre-determined amount of time. Once the time reaches its limit, the lead will then go into Catchall.

If every agent declines the lead, or the lead is not offered to any agent due to tag structure, availability, geolocation, etc., the lead will skip the Shark Tank step, and will be directly sent to Catchall.